20/21 Executive 

Tyler Foxcroft - President

Tyler has been playing tennis for as long as he can remember.  A member for the past several years, Tyler has taken on the role of President to carry on the vision of past presidents by growing both the club and tennis in general in Prince George.  One day he hopes that the membership is large enough to warrant an indoor facility.

Rick Devore - Vice President

Rick has been playing tennis on and off since he was a junior at the old club on 15th Ave. He's always enjoyed playing tennis, and is eager to learn the game of pickleball. He's excited about getting involved with the club, and just wants to help out wherever he's needed. He's appreciative of all the members that have joined this year, and looks forward to meeting and playing with as many members as possible.

Terry Brown - Treasurer

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Alycia Mutual - Secretary

Alycia has been a member of the PGTPC since moving to Prince George in 2012. Before that, she was a member of the Elbow Park Tennis Club in Calgary, where her family was known to hit the ball as hard as possible, whether it was a smart move or not (mostly not).  Despite being a millenial, she still subscribes to cable TV for the sole purpose of watching tennis, but she finds herself regularly disappointed by the lack of tennis coverage TSN provides. 

Dan Teichroeb - Director

Dan is an avid pickleball player. He learned to play pickleball in Arizona about 6 years ago. His main goal is to have the multi coloured courts and nets turned into 6 professional permanent courts.

Phil Redding - Director

Phil has been an active member of the PG Tennis Club for years! Playing both Tennis and Pickleball multiple days a week, Phil is passionate about promoting Tennis and Pickleball within our community and to any age!

Joanne Hewlett - Director

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