2021 Staff. 

The coaches and staff grew up on these very courts.  They are the result of countless hours of hitting, sweating, learning and having fun. They'll lead school programs, summer camps and private lessons and clinics for members this year. We're thrilled to have such incredible local talent back on home court.


Cory Fleck, Head Coach

Cory has been playing and enjoying tennis for over ten years and the PGTC has been a big part of that. He is really looking forward to giving back to the community that was a large contributing factor to physical as well as personal growth. He is very passionate about trying to instil a love of tennis and sport in general in anyone interested in learning. Very excited about the season to come!

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Lead Pickleball Instructor – Ralph Wood (Volunteer Position)

Ralph is a BC Certified Level 1 & 2 Pickleball Instructor and was previously certified as a tennis instructor for 15 years, and has also taught badminton, curling and competitive gymnastics. He is currently a certified Level 1 Ski Instructor but, over the last 11 years, focusses his attention as a patroller and instructor with the Canadian Ski Patrol. Ralph was also a Level 3 hockey referee, evaluator, and member of the Rules Committee. Ralph is charged with delivering all pickleball instruction and arranging clinics for club and public players, providing Instructor training for interested players, and training ambassadors on how to deliver Introduction to Pickleball. 

                Pickleball Ambassadors


Role: Promote pickleball with focus on our area. Ensure members are aware and abide by any pickleball rules and regulations, etiquette, and code of conduct. Provide basic instruction for beginners and promote pickleball in the community. Promote safety and fair play for equal time for all skill levels. Responsible for signing out the pickleball machine along with instructors/coaches and the Board. 

Roy Lancaster (Main Contact for Pickleball Machine Training/Sign out)

Jim Allen

Colleen Flannery

Deb Schweder

Warren Burkinshaw

Alysha Madsen

Thank you to the Ambassadors for supporting our club!